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Welcome to Synergy Consultants

Synergy Consultants Inc. is an engineering consulting firm founded in 2003 to provide building commissioning and related consulting services.

Services are available for the USGBC LEED Program, other non-LEED Projects, Retro-commissioning, MA-CHPS, and consulting for facilities management and energy efficiency. Our staff of engineers strives to provide the highest quality and most efficient commissioning service while minimizing impacts to the project.

Synergy offers a full-spectrum of building performance services to commercial, government, and private clients across multiple markets. Services include engineering, facilities consulting, retro-commissioning, re-commissioning, forensic engineering, and project and cost management.

Synergy Consultants is now part of the Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium

We are working with several industry experts to publish guides for reopening.

Boston’s Real Estate COVID Consortium’s mission is to conduct a knowledge share

of current industry best practices and due diligence around workplace design and

construction requirements adapting to changes in codes and regulatory amendments

in the post-COVID-19 world. Its members include professional multiple disciplines

of real estate industry, including architecture and interior design, audio visual

integrator, code consultants, commercial real estate brokerage, commissioning agents,

environmental engineers, general contractors, furniture dealers, MEP/FP engineers and

owner’s project managers.


A knowledge share of current industry best practices and due diligence around

workplace design and construction requirements adapting to changes in code and regulatory amendments in the post-COVID-19 world

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A Guide to Restarting Construction Activities

There have been countless discussions and ideas about how we get back to work. Questions and

direction change almost on a daily basis as this virus rips through our society. This has made it extremely

difficult to define exactly what the process should be. However, first and foremost, everyone’s objective is

to ensure SAFETY of all employees and other building occupants. In this issue we will discuss the impacts

on the construction industry.

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A Guide to IAQ + HVAC Considerations

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a hot topic for the last three months. As we navigate the COVID-19

pandemic, it is essential that we understand the basics of IAQ - safety over energy savings, the more outside

air the better, improved filtration is critical, and evaluation of active mitigation is highly recommended.

There is no single solution and building operators/occupants may not be certain what steps to take. The

good news is that we can take action to improve IAQ, which we’ve described how to do in this week’s

issue. The even better news is that these actions to improve IAQ will make this a better, safer, and more

productive world.

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Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

The complexity and high level of contagion of the COVID-19 illness caused by the Human coronavirus

SARS-CoV-2 presents difficult challenges in preventing the introduction of the virus to a facility and

minimizing the spread. Reducing viral exposure in the workplace invariably relies on a multi-phased, layered

approach consisting of administrative, operational, and engineering measures. The question is not only what

the employer will be doing to provide a safe environment when employees return, but what role should

the employee - play in maintaining a safe work environment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has

specific guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting. That information is readily available at

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Change Management for the COVID-19 Workplace

 This week we are stepping back to our first issue and picking up on the topic o f Change

Management. As our world continues to be shaped and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our state

leaders have recently socialized their guidelines for a phased return to work process. This issue focuses on

the creation of a sound employee change communication plan as the key to a successful implementation of

Return to Work strategy.

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Short Term Design Strategies for Workplace Re-Entry

As we navigate the phased re-entry process in the wake of COVID-19, landlords and tenants are evaluating

how to make workplace adjustments that will adhere to government guidelines and enable employees to

feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Yet, given that the long-term design implications of a post-COVID

world is unknown and evolving, understandably there is a hesitancy to make significant and costly changes

to the work environments, we vacated just a few weeks ago.

To that end, most companies who are opening up their workplaces are seeking short term, flexible, and

budget-friendly solutions to prepare for employee re-entry. This week’s publication offers insight on

temporary furniture solutions and graphic enhancements, as well as guidance regarding the inherent code

implications related to these changes.

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